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What we do

South Street is an independent UK based limited company, fully integrated manager, operator and developer of commercial real estate. The diverse South Street portfolio includes office, retail, residential, student and industrial properties across UK and Europe. We now manage in excess of £600M of assets. South Street has 40 employees across 3 UK offices (headquartered in London) and offers a full service of investment, asset and development management.


Our History

The South Street story started in 2004 when we took full early mover advantage by entering into the UK student property market. We have since transacted over £500m of student property. We identified this immature market over a decade ago well before today’s new institutional and private owners and developers. We are one of the UK’s oldest and pioneering independent managers, operators and developers of UK purpose built student property. We have one of the UK’s most highly experienced student property management teams with a unique combination of asset and operational expertise.


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Student Property

Our current portfolio has over 3000 beds under management nationwide. We made our first pioneering investment into student property in 2004, fully aware that this sector would form a key component of investor allocations to operational real estate across the globe a decade later. Investing in student property demands creativity due to the operating nature of the asset class, with a significant proportion of value driven by relevance & performance of the product and operator. Having an operational strategy is a fundamental as the bricks and mortar. We have a dedicated team serving our student property assets with over a decade of operational experience.


In the United Kingdom, properties are predominantly located in London (Mayfair, West End, City Fringe and the West of London), Sheffield, Milton Keynes, Huddersfield, Wolverhampton and Gatwick.


South Street develops lasting relationships with valued investors founded on shared objectives and trust. A global presence and network of influential contacts, coupled with in-depth local real estate expertise, ensures South Street consistently delivers the highest quality investments and developments. South Street has raised equity on both sides of the world with a considered selection of high net-worth individuals and financial institutions, creating a consistent pipeline of lucrative opportunities through limited partnerships and joint ventures.


South Street’s top-line real estate considerations are attractive risk-adjusted returns, moderate debt, relatively high current income, liquidity, active management opportunities and portfolio diversification. These strategic principles have produced solid long term returns from both capital appreciation and income growth. South Street’s fundamental investment philosophy is the preservation of capital and the sustainability and longevity of income. Our Real Estate portfolio has been built by identifying investment opportunities that perform for the long term, carefully balancing value and risk, with the firm support of sound finance. South Street employs a low risk, high return strategy based on a reliable model of acquisition, asset management and finance. Funding is low leverage and fixed rate, ensuring sustainable income over the long term. We can also deliver Shariah compliant solutions. Our experienced team personally select all investment opportunities which then undergo a period of rigorous analysis.