South Street secure international contracts in Sheffield after a rigorous tender process.

South Street’s standards have always been impeccably high; we go above and beyond many other student accommodation providers to ensure that our residents are happy, supported and above all else, secure. We’ve worked tirelessly to build a community that our students and our staff can be proud of and one they want to share.
Nothing is more important when it comes to attracting international students, moving away from home, to another country entirely and more often than not unable to speak the language can be beyond intimidating for these young adults and not to mention their parents. It is just as important to South Street that we provide them with a safe environment to enjoy this adventurous chapter in their educational life.

It is also paramount to any university that the accommodation providers that they recommend are ones that will complement their reputation. Sheffield Hallam University is particularly keen to nurture this relationship, as are we. Each year Sheffield Hallam has an intake of Malaysian Students from Tunku Abdul Rahman College for a 14 week study period, over the last few years the number has risen steadily and this year they expect 500 to attend the university.

They also offer a TESOL course (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) that has seen its intake rocket over the last few years to over 800 students who attend Sheffield Hallam for a 5-10 week course.

South Street laid the foundations to secure this contract a number of years ago, as part of a long term plan we have invested time, money and researched to ensure that we cater for the exact needs of the international market. We are very aware that this is a revenue stream that is likely to keep increasing and therefore a benefit to our investors for us to concentrate on this area of our development.

Up until recently Sheffield Hallam has house its international students in a mixture of their own and some privately managed housing. The demand they’ve experienced was an opportunity for South Street to step up, and we can proudly confirm that’s exactly what we’ve done.

We’ve assured the University that we can cater for the international students requirements such as:

  • Complete assurance that beds would be available for the full duration
  • Confidence in South Street’s ability to provide 24 hours security presence on site.
  • All-inclusive rent figure
  • A willingness to work with the university to ensure the smooth running of the contract

As we have always understood the accommodation standards, security and well being of our residents is a vital and integral part of the experience we provide we have never had anything less than full confidence in our service that we could deliver exactly what was expected.

A positive outcome for The Pinnacles all round as many of the TESOL students will chose to extend their stay for a full degree course and of course, due to the fact our talented and dedicated team at the DIGS residence, they will have an easy decision to make about where they decide to live.

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Social media strategy: How it helps us avoid end of tenancy deposit disputes. Social media strategy: How it helps us avoid end of tenancy deposit disputes. Social media strategy: How it helps us avoid end of tenancy deposit disputes.

Social media strategy: How it helps us avoid end of tenancy deposit disputes.

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